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Immersive VR Education Showcases The Power Of Learning Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has often been mentioned as the empathy machine, however it has many use cases. When it comes to memory and retention it looks like VR is not only useful for simulation but for education as well. Immersive VR Education teamed up with HTC Vive and Windsor Forest Colleges Group to create a memorable experience of virtual teaching.

On the April 25th ten students from Windsor Forest Colleges Group in the UK put on an HTC Vive headset and guided by David Whelan CEO & Founder of Immersive VR Education and Mike Armstrong, Senior/Lead Developer of Immersive VR Education using the free VR social education and presentation platform ENGAGE. ENGAGE allows users to hold meetings, classes, private lessons and presentations. Users can record, create their own lessons and presentations as well as allow users to interact with virtual objects.

Steven Bambury, a teacher based in Dubai joined the students on ENGAGE and used it to take the students from the virtual classroom to virtual environments. He brought them to Mars where students were asked to find the Mars Rovers across the planet. They were then transported to the largest stone circle in the world in Avebury, Wiltshire. Students were allowed to explore the land and something Bambury explained they could do freely here since he felt safe in that students couldn’t get lost, hurt themselves and he could keep track of the class without any issues while still teaching them.

The students were then brought into a virtual classroom where Pixar co-founder Loren Carpenter taught them quantum physics. Students loved it and the experience has helped showcase the potential of virtual classrooms by bringing together teacher and students from anywhere in the world.

Dave Haynes, Director, Vive X Europe said “HTC Vive technology is providing a fantastic opportunity to revolutionise approaches within the education sector and make quality teaching more accessible and engaging. It’s great to see Vive being used in real life classroom environment at Windsor Forest Colleges Group, and we are thrilled to support the ENGAGE platform as organisations adopt Vive for use both in schools and for distance learning applications.”

To find out more watch the video here

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