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Free e-learning platform for students in the UAE

Schools may be out but the UAE government is determined that learning continues and they are being supported by Pearson Global Schools.

The Ministry of Education announced that all public and private schools in the UAE remain closed for four weeks beginning 8th March to protect public health as cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise worldwide.

To support the government initiative in rolling out distance learning, Pearson Global Schools will be offering free access to ActiveLearn, an online teaching and learning platform, across all primary and secondary subjects.

The tool enables students to study at their own pace and level and receive instant targeted feedback to motivate them to learn independently, work out where they have gone wrong, try again and excel.

Teachers on the other hand will receive accurate reports and evidence of learning against objectives, and then give feedback to groups or individual students, which can be shared with parents over time.

Source: http://www.dubaiweek.ae/families/55545/free-e-learning-platform-for-students-in-the-uae/