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Dubai has global design ambitions: Official

D3 is the region's only space dedicated to being a hub all things creative - fashion, design, art, architecture. It has been over three years since the first occupants of d3 moved into the locale.

The Dubai Design Week has grown three times its size within the three years of its launch, according to Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, chief executive officer of the Dubai Design District (d3).

"This year there are more than 50 d3 creative partners participating in the event, cementing our position as the home of design in the region. Design Weeks' are incredibly important for cities globally. The week not only celebrates the wealth of local creative talent in the region but also elevates it onto a global level," said Al Shehhi.

"We are proud to host events that can provide a platform for both regional and international designers, while also showcasing the future of design through students' work.

Alive with over 15 installations, the most attention received is for the "My Dubai" installation by Apical Reform. "Everything at d3 has a feel of innovation and a touch of personalisation. And that is what it is all about - design that touches and relates to everyone," said Al Shehhi. "The brands that do the most innovative things will end up being the big winners.

"d3 is not just a space of work, it about a lifestyle," added Al Sehhi. "There is a lot more to expect like the opening of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI), the UAE's first institute for design education.

"We are creating a destination that will attract everyone to the district to sample our unique atmosphere. We are excited about the evolution of the district, especially about the second phase, which is due to go live in 2019. Called the Creative Community, it will include over 1 million additional square feet for over 6,000 additional people, complementing the existing Design Quarter."

While Dubai Design Week current edition may come to a close this weekend, it seems the design story in Dubai has just begun.

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