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Dubai-based firm Coded Minds to help poor students pursue education

Dubai-based firm launches initiative to support poor students in Year of Tolerance

Dubai-based global education company Coded Minds has announced a community initiative, dedicated to the UAE’s Year of Tolerance (2019), to support students who cannot continue their studies because of financial constraints.

“We are offering education coaching to students who are missing out on schools because of the family’s financial difficulties and their parents’ inability to afford school fees. We believe that such an inability should not prevent any child from getting an education. This will be an alternative solution where we will undertake all efforts possible to ensure that each child is compensated for missing the cycle of education,” said Omar Farooqui, founder of Coded Minds.

“For just Dh1,000 per year, we will provide core STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] learning to the students and will be available all across UAE,” he added. According to Farooqui, within hours of the announcement, hundreds of applications from families across the UAE have been received.

Farooqui also praised the support of all those who come forward to volunteer in the project ‘Hope Academy’.

Those who want to enrol their children or volunteer can send an email to admissions@coded-minds.org

Source: https://gulfnews.com/uae/education/dubai-based-firm-coded-minds-to-help-poor-students-pursue-education-1.66499876