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In Conversation with… Mickdad A. Bhojani, Business Development Director & Owner of Marco AB

This month, we chatted to Mickdad from Marco AB who shares the company history and how they got into Education. Read on to find out their latest projects and more!

Please tell us a little bit about Marco AB and the products you offer in Education?

A Brief History of Marco AB
In 2004, Marco AB was incorporated under Road Ahead Group, offering educational institutes with ‘E-learning’ solutions. As market leaders, in 2006, we expanded our product range to feature interactive whiteboards, which enabled us to be the region's one-stop shop.
In 2009, Marco AB shut down operations in the United Arab Emirates. However, our clientele, were unable to find our impeccable customer service elsewhere, which compelled us to re-open in 2012. To date, we strive to uphold our service standards, allowing us to standout in the market.
Our Solutions
We are reshaping traditional approaches to education with our innovative and unrivalled technology. Our expertise will support administrators in preparing for the paradigm shifts within the education system.
Using the latest technology, we create an atmosphere of interactivity and collaboration that will bring any space to life. From a classroom to a meeting room, we aim to facilitate a learner-centered approach that will be beneficial and empowering for students and administrators.
Marco AB led the market by unveiling a new product range, trademarked under a prominent German brand, M2 Technologies. In today's market, several of M2 Technologies products are considered unique. Their flagship product range is the Charging and Synchronizing Solutions. Currently, Marco AB is the sole distributor of M2 Technologies in the MENA region.

GESS is fast approaching! What products can visitors see at your stand this year? Who should visit your stand?

Our stand will feature multiple charging and synchronizing solutions for tablets and laptops. As for our AV solution, we will be showcasing our All-in-one Interactive LED Screens to replace the outdated interactive whiteboards.
We will also be showcasing our new line of furniture for classrooms in efforts of becoming a one stop shop for educational institutes.

We are hoping to gain a foothold into the GCC markets with the help of strong education technology distributors. We would also like to meet decision makers for educational institutes so that we can enhance the learning process for the future generations to come.   

What new products have you been working in 2017 and the start of this year? We are excited to know…

We have been prototyping with the M2 Technologies design team to add a sterilization method in all our solutions as health and safety is a priority for us.
At the end of 2017, Marco AB partnered up with Indota, a Chinese manufacturer for tablet and laptop Charging solutions as well as school furniture. Marco AB is looking to become the main distribution channel for in the GCC for all charging and synchronizing solutions as the technological shift in schools is moving away from the traditional pen & paper.

What advice would you like to share with teachers who might be a little nervous to use some of the latest tech in the classroom to aid learning?

We are in the touch generation. Nowadays children learn to use an iPad before learning how to write. Technology should not hinder the learning process, in fact studies have shown that interaction/participation levels from students have increased when teachers use updated tech.
What is needed in the classroom is to create a synergy between us and the technologies we use. This can be achieved only if we all work together to ensure the children get the correct technological exposure.

How did you begin your journey in education? We are intrigued to know how it all began…

Education is one of the fundamentals of life. Technology has an ever growing presence in our day and age. The change in the classroom’s technological atmosphere is only just begun and I believe it will change the way students learn. It has always been a dream of mine to improve the traditional learning methods, and I’m sure that technology will do just that.