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In Conversation with… Ahmad Hassan, General Manager at AppWare

Are you interested in mobile based school management systems? Look no further as AppWare can help you with this. Read on to find out why Apps are so popular today. Don't forget to stop at their stand this GESS, happening in Dubai (World Trade Centre) from the 27th Feb - 1st Mar 2018...

Please tell us a little bit about AppWare and the products/services you offer in Education?

Appware provides mobile app based school management systems. Our main product is iCare which is an advanced modular system designed to meet the needs of today’s educators, learners, and parents. iCare is currently in use by schools and nurseries in 11 countries and has demonstrated excellent reliability and ease of use across different academic curriculums and user profiles.

GESS is fast approaching! What products can visitors see at your stand this year? Who should visit your stand?

We are excited to meet educators from all sectors, including daycare caregivers,  teachers and administrators, from across the region to introduce them to our latest modules and to learn from them more about their needs.

What new products have you been working in 2017 and the start of this year? We are excited to know…

We recently launched the advanced bus fleet management module and the grading and assessment tools for teachers and administrators.

Can you list some of the top 5 productivity apps for the end user?

Our system is composed of many different apps working together as a system  to cater for the needs of the different stakeholders in the education sector. I would say the main apps include: iCare Kids , iCare Teachers,  iCare Bus and  iCare Student.

What advice would you like to share with teachers who might be a little nervous to use some of the latest tech in the classroom to aid learning?

Try technology. It is scary for the first 5 minutes only!
Apps are now designed to be user-friendly and the more effort teachers are willing to put into using them the more they will make their work productive and enjoyable.

What are some of the trends and popular demands you have observed from over 7 years of app developing?

Over the past years apps have evolved into simpler, easier to use tools that are really designed to make a difference in our every-day lives.

There is an app for almost everything nowadays. How can one fit the app most suitable for work and school learning?

It is easy to research and check for the latest the industry has to offer. Most apps can be downloaded and tested for the user to make sure it meets their needs

We emphasize the importance of using apps in education, as with their usage, educators can unfold patterns of their student behavior and performance easily with the available statistical tools.

What takeaway message would you like to share with our lovely readers?

We encourage educators to get more involved in technology and explore what apps today has to offer. The benefits ripped from hi-tech tools in education will be abundant for them and their students alike.