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GESS Dubai & GEF: Get ready for a world of access!

The wait is over. The GESS Dubai Exhibition & Global Education Forum is here! Known as the largest education conference in the Middle East, GESS Dubai is ready to give attendees a world of access to some of the best education suppliers, global education experts, the latest in education resources and more!

If you have questions about who will be attending, what to expect and what you can do to get ready for the event, keep reading.

Who will be attending?

Exhibitors: When you think of access, imagine being able to visit over 550 exhibitors from over 39 different countries showing off the latest in education resources. This is what attendees can expect at this year’s event. From informative product use demonstrations to access to free samples of key resources, games to win prizes to finding hard to get education products, GESS Dubai has what you are looking for and more. If you are the business owner of an education product and you are seeking more visibility, this is the event for you. GESS Dubai has several easy to navigate pavilions with businesses from the UK, China, Germany, Korea, Finland and the USA. Exhibitors have been known to network and successfully collaborate on business opportunities at GESS. Don’t miss your shot!

Educators: GESS Dubai boasts numerous CPD sessions that will be hosted by some of the best minds in education from around the globe. Not only are these sessions free and accredited, they are planned to help educators to improve their classroom practice via interactive activities. The event is designed to allow educators complete access to the newest education technologies, important education resources, and networking opportunities with speakers and colleagues from schools within the UAE and across the rest of the Middle East.

Administrators: It is well known that administrators are important decision makers within schools. GESS Dubai is a familiar stomping ground for administrators to check out resources that they need to enhance their school facilities. By exploring the different CPD sessions, administrators have opportunities to interact, collaborate and network with their counterparts. Of note, a number of administrators are keynote speakers at the event.

Important Government Ministries: Over the years, GESS Dubai has developed a solid reputation for outstanding contributions to the development of education within the region. The event is hosted under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Also exhibiting at the event, are various government ministries (education, health and transportation) from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

Students: As global citizens of tomorrow, it is always wonderful to take in the sessions that are hosted by students. A number of students have been facilitators, showing off their knowledge of new technologies (robotics, drones and more). In addition to students presenting, schools ensure that students visit the event in order to give them access to new technologies and other rich offerings at the event.

What should you expect?

Easy navigation of the halls: Organisers of GESS Dubai will provide each registered attendee with the event guide and floor plan to allow for easy navigation to exhibitor stands and GEF sessions. Remember, to register in order to gain access. The event will take place inside the Dubai World Trade Center from March 14 - 16, 2017, in Halls 5-8.

Productivity all around: Attendees can expect a hum of productivity. Each exhibitor will have engaging demonstrations to showcase what is on offer. They will also be busy interacting with guests at their stands. There will be numerous CPD sessions throughout the day, where speakers will interact with attendees, and also engage in tactile activities. There will be a buzz of activity as networking can happen anywhere on the event floors.

Never before seen education resources: GESS Dubai is the platform for unveiling new products. The show usually has a strong contingent of technology companies, and companies that specialise in school furniture, apparel, games and more. Whenever a new product is introduced, there are informative presentations that take place to assist attendees with understanding how to use them correctly.

What you can do right now to be ready for the event...

Head over to the GESS Dubai website and REGISTER for free entry and be on your way to gaining a world of access during the three days of amazing education experiences, products, services and more.

Get a first look at the list of exhibitors that will be at the show and find companies that should have that well needed education resource that you have been looking for! Click here for the Exhibitor List.

Check out the impressive roster of speakers, who will be conducting meaningful CPD sessions. Use this link to see who this year’s speakers are. Your favourite speaker may just be on the list!

With access to free and accredited CPD sessions, see the various topics that will be covered and plan your day. Get a first look at the CONFERENCE PROGRAMME and get ready for some amazing workshops.

Get fancy and network with The GESS Awards where the education industry’s brightest companies and innovators will be celebrated. The prestigious event rewards the successes of suppliers and teaching professionals throughout the region. It is also a perfect opportunity to network with the very best suppliers and educators in the Middle East.