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GESS Dubai & GEF CPD sessions promise to engage, energize and inspire educators

“Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare a man for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined.” – Peter F. Drucker, management consultant, educator and author.

It is true. Today, education experts, education policy makers, administrators and teachers all agree that preparing students to be global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow requires that key ways are found to prepare them to for jobs that do not yet exist.

In order to accomplish this, teachers are required to invest in continuing professional development (CPD). Private education companies, government departments related to education and schools all offer opportunities for teachers to participate in CPD conferences. However, in order to stay abreast of new technologies and best practices in education globally, education conferences are the ‘go-to’ places for CPD. In some instances, the tab for continuing education conferences can be quite costly for teachers.

GESS Dubai & the Global Education Forum (GEF) have always been on the pulse of the latest and most innovative ideas and resources in education. The event offers access to some of the brightest minds in global education via informative, interactive CPD sessions – all accredited and FREE.

GEF brings together educational professionals of all levels to learn from world-class speakers and connect with one another. Educators are invited to learn from the very best in education, be empowered by new resources and find practical tips to help them pursue excellence in the classroom.

So, what topics can educators benefit from during CPD sessions at GEF this year? 

Keynote & Plenary Talks: One of the best ways to learn about what is new, innovative and essentially, what works, is to learn from experts with tried and proven strategies. The GEF boasts a number of keynote and plenary talks that will allow attendees to explore global education trends, engage with industry leaders from around the world and learn about content to push their education agenda forwards.

Neuroscience in Education: Last year, educators who attended the NLP sessions were inspired by the content and how it helped to improve their professional outlook. This year, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, David Hodgson returns to outline new discoveries in NLP. Topics to be covered include Happiness In Education, Rules Of Influence, The Neuroscience Of Memory, and The Habits Of A great School Leader.

Learning Essentials: This is a series of sessions aimed at providing educators with training by specialists in Early Years and Primary Arabian Child, Eyes/Quest and Great Learning/Fieldwork. Some of the topics that will be covered are Child Protection, Quality Assurance, Drama in Early Years, Maths from Stories and Enabling the Environment.

Education in Action: Teachers within the region are known for collaborating and sharing ideas. A number of teachers will attest to the fact that they also learn a lot from their students. The Education in Action sessions are designed for this. These practical sessions will be led by teachers, students or consultants, and will cover all aspects of education. They will also demonstrate best practice to improve and enhance teaching and learning. From Getting Girls Involved In STEM to helping teachers to cope with burn out and more, these sessions should not be missed!

Future Learning: To adequately prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist, it is imperative that educators examine the future of learning. What are the new technologies, methodologies and strategies that should be considered, revamped or abandoned? These vital workshops will be conducted for teachers by teachers. Topics on the schedule include Google Apps for Education, The Rise of Office 365, iBeacons in and out of the Classroom, Coding and more.

The Innovation Stage: This has been a standard feature at GESS Dubai. It is a place of constant activity, creativity and discovery. This is the platform for highlighting innovation in products, techniques and classroom outcomes for teachers and students. Be prepared for workshops that focus on interactive technology and how it enhances student learning, digital transformation in education, continuity in learning, identifying gifted and talented students and more.

Check out the speakers: The line-up of speakers features an impressive roster of education specialists and consultants such as Dr Paul Swan, Kazuya Takahashi, Lisa Finch, Paul Crossley, Chassie Selouane and David Hodgson among others. For the complete list of speakers, visit http://www.gessdubai.com/speakers

Get into the spirit of Gamification and win: GESS Dubai & GEF may be the only education conference that allows you to win in terms of its rich offerings via exhibitors (education resources), amazing CPD sessions (free and accredited) and actual prizes via Explore GESS.

Participants are invited to Explore GESS via the smartphone or tablet based game that aims to showcase how gamification works within the education setting. The concept of the game is essentially a treasure hunt with different tasks (game stops). There will be a pre-fair game and an onsite Explore GESS game during the event. The pre-game takes place between March 9th and March 13th, 2017.

The pre-game is a fun and innovative way to learn in advance what will take place at GESS, while competing for great prizes. It gives participants a chance to talk to potentially large audience in a completely new way. There will be complementary workshop prizes, mobile phones and a 4 nights trip to Finnish Lapland as the main prize!

The Explore GESS game is designed by Seppo, a revolutionary game-based learning platform, aimed at transforming the way we teach. It also allows students to develop their 21st century skills. To join the treasure hunt and show off your gaming skills, visit the Explore Finland Stand T23 to meet Finnish innovators and GESS Awards finalists to find out how to play.


  • FREE comprehensive workshops conducted by education experts, education consultants, educators and students 
  • FREE education resources (samples) via visits to exhibition stands 
  • Access to the latest resources and technologies in education, plus demonstrations on how they work 
  • Access to education resources that may not be available in the region 
  • Numerous networking opportunities with education experts from around the globe 
  • A great opportunity to participate in a fun game (Explore GESS) to learn more about how gamification works in education, and for a chance to win a trip to magical Lapland 
  • Important business mergers and collaborations with key players within the education sector of the region and more 

Educators, take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in CPD sessions that will ultimately enhance your professional development and classroom practice. Visit GESS Dubai & GEF for the tools that will allow you to take your students to the next level in preparing them as global citizens.

To register, use the highlighted link: REGISTER NOW GESS Dubai & GEF will be at the Dubai World Trade Center in Halls 5-8 from March 14 – 16, 2017.