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GESS Brain Teaser 4

Can you answer this week's GESS brainteaser? It's a tricky one...


We’re back in Oslo, still with the preparations for MUD Bobsleigh’s opening ceremony. The highlight of the course - already a smörgåsbord of death and mega-ness with sharks, lava and the odd antelope for the competitors to overcome - is a giant tap, suspended from a crane and roving above the course, that will spew boiling water upon the contestants. Herein lies a problem: although the stream of water, on leaving the tap, is a metre in diameter, it thins as it falls, such that on hitting the track it’s barely a foot wide which spoils the fun of it all.

The organisers need to get this sorted, but before they can, they need to discover the cause of the problem. While some are blaming those ‘pesky neutrinos,’ others aren’t convinced. Fortunately, you've developed quite a proclivity for dried fish and haven't left yet, so the question falls to you; why is the stream of water getting thinner as it falls?

Post your guesses on @gesseducation and keep your eyes on our social media channels next week when we'll post the answer! 

Our brain teasers are supplied by the very talented Thomas Byrne http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Save-World-Salad-Dressing/dp/1851688552/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378394728&sr=8-1&keywords=How+To+Save+the+World+with+Salad+Dressing