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GESS Brain Teaser 3

Test your knowledge with this months hilarious brain teaser.

Ever since the Cool Runnings sequel, Tepid Walkings, was cancelled in 1994, public interest in bobsleighing has waned to nigh-negligible levels. Accordingly, the sport is to be revolutionised and Mega-Ultimate-Death Bobsleigh is soon to receive its premier in Oslo. Similar to bobsleigh, yet involving a choice of different routes and the risk of certain death, it’s hoped that M.U.D. will take off as quickly in 2013 as witch burning did in Salem in the 1700s.

The highlight of the ceremony will be a exhibition run by world renowned bobsleigher, Robrecht Schlitten and his crew. Planning his route through the course, Schlitten is troubled by one fork in the track. The two routes are mirror images of each other: the right track is a large hump while the left is a dip of equal magnitude. Schlitten, flummoxed to the hilt, can’t decide which route he should take in order to get to the bottom of the course the quickest. Is there a quicker route, if so, which one is it? 

NB. You can ignore friction.