Nafissa El Jabban

Head of Physics department

Nafissa El Jabban has worked as a Physics teacher for the past eleven years at Dubai National School, and due to her distinguished performance, she was promoted to Coordinator, and then Head of The Physics Department. During the time Nafissa spent in DNS, she was given extra responsibilities including training for teachers and the role of an innovation leader. Nafissa has initiated the innovation room at Dubai National School, a room that includes stations where students can fabricate, design, and build their STEAM projects. To strengthen student’s engineering skills and enhance their abilities in the STEAM field, Nafissa initiated an Arduino course from scratch. She always strives to improve herself and develop her teaching through research and reading., a practice that lead to her being awarded the annual Hamdan Award for Distinguished Teacher. As a result of her prominence performance and record, she was chosen to be a consultant for The Hamdan Award. She encourages her classes to be student-centered, allowing all her students to engage in activities and projects that promote teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. Nafissa was in charge of the Environmental Club at the school, and due to her hard efforts, the Emirates Environmental Group chose Dubai National School as a recycling center among only five in the UAE. Alongside other clubs, she initiated the Motivational Club, which enhanced student’s soft skills, and leadership.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 12:00 - 12:30 | English | Enhancing STEAM Through Multidisciplinary Arduino Based Projects

This workshop aims to highlight the importance of quality education, through implementing curriculums reinforcing the application of innovation and creativity in students. Participants will walk away with mindsets that will boost creative performance, and acquire a variety of innovation tools to generate new solutions and ideas. To execute student innovation, the workshop will introduce the use of Arduino in Interdisciplinary teaching, a method, or set of methods, used to teach a unit across different curricular disciplines or subjects. Students learning in this way are able to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another different discipline as a way to deepen the learning experience. This helps students overcome a tendency to maintain preconceived notions, which is accomplished by recognizing the source of the preexisting understandings they arrive with, and by introducing students to subject matter from a variety of perspectives that challenge their existing notions.