Nada Alismail

General Director of Early Childhood Education

Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

Mrs. Alismail has a Masters of Education with honors, Majoring in Instructional Technology from King Saud University. She's now The General Director of Early Childhood Administration at The Minster Of Education. More than 24 years of experience in education. She contributed in construction of primary grades teacher criteria, she also implemented many programs at the local, regional and international levels . She participated in committees and initiatives that supports in the development of Early Childhood Education. She recently attended a workshop in Harvard University (Evidence for Policy Design) in Cambridge,MA USA and she currently is supervising 8 projects related to the early childhood initiative.


Education in action

26 February 2020 | 12:30 - 13:00 | MOE Experience and achievements in ECE

The talk is about the importance of early childhood from the perspective of the Kingdom's 2030 vision ,by analysis of early childhood reality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. and the steps that were taken to achieve the goals in a short period of time.