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Mohammad Al Madani


Eng. Mohammed Al Madani is graduated from OSU in the USA with an Industrial Systems Engineering Bachelor degree and International Business degree. He got the Endeavor World Certificate as one of the highest impact entrepreneurs in the world 2017. Member of the advisory board of several educational institutions. He started the story with his ambition when he was 18 years old, by establishing Free Dimension IT Inc. He had a significant impact when he led his company to implement many of the most important technical projects and 3D designs with many of the largest companies locally and internationally such as P&G, ARAMCO, SABIC, STC…etc. In 2012, he successfully launched Classera Inc. for smart learning solutions that focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Edutainment, Gamification and social learning in the United States of America. Then he established the head office of Classera Inc. in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and then expanded in several states. Right after that, he started to focus on the Middle East as well especially in Saudi Arabia, and he went all the way to open in more than 10 countries in the region.

Future Leaders

26 February 2019 | 14:30 - 15:00 | English | Digital Transformation in Public Education Sector

We believe that we have accelerated to what once was considered a far future very soon, especially on the technology side. Technology has re-shaped our life in many aspects, and so many sectors and one of the sectors that are impacted by this is for sure The education sector. It is not surprising that technology has caught up in many of these private sector’s but is possible to see that in the public education sector?? Discover all of that and more! And how is the public sector is racing with the private sector into adopting the latest technology in education and how big governments from all around the world are competing and striving to be the best model in utilizing technology education to impact their entire coming generation.