Mohamed Srour

Head of Science Department

Madinat Eloloum international school (MOIS)

y Name is Mohamed Srour from Cairo, Egypt. I work as the science coordinator in Madinat El- Oloum International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As a visionary individual with experience in teaching, science communication and administration, and an inherent ability to truly inspire students, I would like to express my pleasure and honour to be a part of THE LEADING EDUCATION CONFERENCE in Dubai. Since my childhood, I have a great passion for science and looked forward to a career in teaching. I am well qualified - Certificate in IVF & molecular biology (Kent University, UK), Certificate in Evolution, Biodiversity and Global change (Goethe University, Germany) and Bachelor of Science. For the past few years, I have been associated with Madinat El- Oloum International School. I joined as High School biology Teacher and am currently handling dual responsibilities as Head of Science Department.


Education in action

25 February 2020 | 12:00 - 12:30 | What is a Real Bridge Between the Neuroscience and Education?

The recent focus of neuroscience on what facilitates lifelong learning has led to breakthroughs in the education world. Schools, teachers, and parents have the opportunity to approach and understand learning like never before. My talk will focus on the real expectations from the new research in the field of neuroscience and their impact on teaching and learning in the future.