Michael Gopal

Enterprise Growth & Fundraising Lead, Middle East and North Africa, Phoenix Space

Michael works in a strategic consulting role to represent and support companies and organizations who want to break into or have a virtual presence in the Middle East and Africa market space, by helping to develop products, support marketing or provide business development opportunities. He heads up the growth and fundraising discipline in the region for Phoenix Space.

Global Learning

16 November 2021 | 14:00 - 14:20 | English | Inspiring and Empowering Refugee Students through Space Science

Phoenix Space is a non-profit organization focused on providing STEAM education, based around the inspirational theme of space science, to refugee and disadvantaged students in the Middle East. Our primary educational offering, the Phoenix Space Program, is a space science-focused interactive STEM curriculum combining scientific fundamentals with practical application, supported by cutting-edge methods and resources for inquiry, as well as mentoring programs, created and delivered by a powerful interdisciplinary collaboration. This session will discuss how the Phoenix Space Program is structured and presented, its curriculum and impact, and how we engage with students in challenging circumstances to give them education and skills for a brighter future.