Michael Gernon

Chief Education Innovation Officer

GEMS Education

Mick is a highly innovative and successful Principal and CEO of 4 schools in the UK and Dubai, covering UK, IB and US curricula, and previously Principal Advisor for schools with KPMG’s Government Advisory team (UK). Mick has worked with business leaders, universities, government departments, members of the British Royal Family, the Prime Minister’s Office (Dubai), and leading educationalists in these high profile headships and consultancies in driving innovative and transformational practice. As Chief Education Innovation Officer, Mick is spearheading a global strategy designed to place all GEMS schools across the world at the forefront of innovatory and transformational practice. The impact of this innovative and dynamic strategy is now becoming widespread, with a mandate to transform approaches to teaching and learning, fully embrace approaches to online and blended learning, and to re-define leadership and schooling for C21st. It will ensure that every student will leave GEMS schools with the necessary skills, competences, qualities and personal capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing and technologically-orientated world of the future. 


Leadership stream

25 February 2020 | 11:30 - 12:00 | English | Creating a Future Learning Ecosystem

Schools and schooling systems, despite the number of claims being made, are still delivering learning experiences which are more fitting to a world of the past than the world of the future. Bound by over-regulation, narrow curricula, and examination board requirements, it is difficult to see how the schools/education systems will change to genuinely prepare young people for the world of the future. This presentation will outline how GEMS Education, through its innovation team - GEMS X - is blurring the edges between traditional school models, universities and businesses, and creating a new learning ecosystem based on deep exploration of new and emerging technologies, qualifications and credentialed pathways, and disruption to the normal pattern of schooling.