Melissa Skiles

Managing Director, Equity Advocate Solutions

Melissa Skiles earned her BA in Creative Writing from Missouri State University and then moved to Chicago, Illinois where she briefly worked in the advertising and non-profit sectors before deciding to pursue a career in education. After completing her Masters degree at DePaul University, she spent six years teaching within the inner city of Chicago as a licensed Learning Behavior Specialist. Including most recently in the Middle East, she has led four special education departments and served as an instructional leader as well as contributed much of her personal time to community improvement programs and outreach work. Melissa has worked in the Middle East for the past six years and is currently working in Dubai as the Managing Director of a private training company specializing in inclusive practices and strategies for executives and leaders.

Skills Development Training

15 November 2021 | 11:30 - 12:15 | English | Being an Inclusive Leader of the Future

To be a thriving leader in the global setting, one must be at the forefront of inclusive and diverse workplace practices. This workshop explores the brief history of inclusion in the workplace and delves into current progressive practices for executives and leaders.