Matthew Hall


After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Matt worked for Accenture management consulting group in the London. After gaining experience in a range of commercial sectors he made the decision to move to teaching. Matt is now an executive coach, facilitator and trainer, working across the education, public sector and corporate space. His company delivers bespoke coaching and leadership development solutions to schools and companies around the world. Prior to this he worked for over 15 years in secondary schools both in the UK and abroad. Promotion to Senior Leadership came three years after entering the teaching profession and he has now worked as a senior leader in three diverse and different schools, giving him a deep understanding of what quality training looks like as well as significant leadership experience. The most recent of his roles was a Deputy Headship in Oman, a chance to really see education from a new perspective. Matt has trained with the Co-Active Coaches Training Institute (CTI), he is a qualified National College and COBIS training facilitator Matt is currently co-authoring a book for Crown House on leadership in challenging contexts.


Future Leaders

28 February 2019 | 12:30 - 13:30 | English | How Embedding a Coaching Culture Could Transform Your School

Coaching is emerging as one of the most powerful ways to evoke transformation in teams and individuals. Once well embedded, coaching can be a hugely powerful way of driving school improvement and improving teacher engagement and well-being. This workshop will leave delegates with an insight into the skills and confidence to initiate and create powerful coaching conversations with their team, understand the power of coaching and how it can be used as tool for creating growth and transformation. They will be able to recognise the scenarios in which coaching is needed, as well as when it is not and have a better understanding of themselves as a potential coach and the impact this can have on their schools.