Massrat Shaikh

Educational Psychologist

Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services

I am an Educational Psychologist with deep expertise in area of special needs education. I am a clinician with expertise in learning disabilities and diagnostics. I have been associated with Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services in Oman for more than ten years, and I am a consultant to most of the schools in Oman. To bring transformation to our education system, I advocate for the education of SEN learners. Supporting SEN students learning, and social-emotional growth is the aim of my work. I am a provider for learning solutions, and I focus on bringing together EdTech solutions for special needs learners. I believe EdTech intervention can transform the way children learn. As an educator and leader for Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness, I integrate technology with social-emotional learning goals. I am also a career guidance counselor, and I specialize in identifying students' interests and areas for vocational training and higher education options.


Education Innovations

16 November 2022 | 13:00 - 13:20 | English | EdTech – The Route to Equality for Special Educational Needs Learners.

Education technology provides the best resources for SEN learners and plays a vital role in the intervention. EdTech is a great asset to help accommodate SEN students. Because of advanced technology and awareness, students with specialised needs can receive the best education. Neuroscience based EdTech programs focus on learners' growth by adapting to individual student needs allowing them to progress at their level and pace in a group or class. The proper application of EdTech can truly break down barriers in remarkable ways. Neuroscience based EdTech programs can create accommodations and modifications for SEN students and help students overcome learning obstacles. Using AI-based EdTech programs can be a fantastic equalizer. This presentation will share the EdTech resources and interventions available for SEN students.