Massrat Shaikh

Educational Psychologist, Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services

I am an Educational Psychologist and eduprener with deep expertise in the fields of psychology and special education needs (SEN) from Oman. I am associated with Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services in Oman for more than ten years, and I am a consultant to most of the schools in Oman. To bring transformation in our education system, I have taken the role of advocating SEL in schools. I see that SEL has the potential to transform the way children learn as well as provide us with tools for systematic change. In recent years I have focused more on recognizing mindfulness as a tool to help students and community members. Student’s capacity to learn is directly impacted by whether they feel emotionally supported in the classroom. Today, with so many young people experiencing stress, trauma, and isolation, I believe we need to equip ourselves with new practices, resources, and support to cultivate learning environments in which all students can thrive.



GESS Talks Arena

15 November 2021 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | The Case For Wellbeing In Schools

Wellbeing is an integral part of our education and human development. Wellbeing addresses various forms of inequity and empowers young people and adults to co-create thriving schools and contribute to safe, healthy, and just communities. Join us for this session, where we build a case for wellbeing on why it is essential and how easy it is to implement.

Wellbeing Space

16 November 2021 | 11:40 - 12:00 | English | Importance of SEL in Special Needs Education

Several research studies show that when educators engage Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in academics, it increases students' academic performance, promotes positive social behavior, and decreases conduct problems. When educators use academic programs embedded in SEL, students are successful at school and in their relationships and future careers. This talk seeks to share with educators SEL resources that can improve learning outcomes, builds confidence, motivation, improved academic performance at school, better emotional well-being, and student behavior. Engaging SEL has also become essential to support the SEN students if we are looking for any successful learning this year. Whatever model of instruction our students are receiving this year, focusing on Social-Emotional Learning can accelerate learning for SEN students. This talk will share resources and strategies to support educators in meeting SEN students’ needs.