Maryum Alshehhi


Ajyal International School

Miss Maryam Alshehhi is a Year 9 student of Ajyal International School.


25 February, 2020 | 14:15
Learners First: Understanding Student Perspectives

One of the greatest challenges in education is to develop practices that address the learning needs of the current generation of students. To develop improved educational practices and environments it is extremely important to understand how students perceive them and value different aspects of the learning process.
Why students should be considered capable stakeholders whose opinions are important and should be taken seriously, as they can significantly contribute to a two-way learning & teaching process?
This session will discuss:
• What are the improvements they suggest in the present education system?
• Improving learning at school from a student’s view point
• Students as creators of content rather than mere consumers
• Student experiences on good uses of technology in learning
• Students perspective on: when and how learning experiences happen
• Teacher-Student Relations: Is this correlation improving students’ engagement in academic activities
• Does peer-to-peer relations set base for the way they experience, interpret, and intend to construct learning environments around them?