Mark Samways

Director of Wellbeing, The Free Spirit Collective

Mark is the Director of Wellbeing at the Free Spirit Collective and a CDA licensed Psychologist in Dubai. He is passionate about helping schools incorporate a holistic approach to Wellbeing. In collaboration with Harvard, St Louis, and Notre Dame University, Mark is enabling schools incorporate the education for flourishing standards into their everyday teaching and curriculum.

Wellbeing Hub

16 November 2021 | 10:00 - 10:20 | English | Education for Flourishing - Addressing 21st Century needs

Increasing numbers of students are showing signs of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety (Twenge, 2017). Unfortunately, our society tends to address mental health of students when it is already in an “ill state” or more specifically, after mental health problems like depression and anxiety have already manifested. The aim of this talk is to introduce a new paradigm of how schools can address the wellbeing needs by incorporating the six domains of flourishing as proposed by the human flourishing programme at Harvard into everyday teaching. Specifically, we will address how to integrate education for flourishing standards (based on the six domains of flourishing) and help them embed it into their existing school curriculum.