Mariam AlHallami

Division Director of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Licensing Division

Department of Education and Knowledge

Mariam Al Hallami is the Division Director of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Licensing Division at the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi. Mariam has worked previously as the Manager of Research and Evaluation at a philanthropic foundation in Abu Dhabi where she took part in studying the landscape of ECE in the UAE. Mariam holds an MA in Educational Leadership from UCL, and is currently undergoing her doctoral studies in education at the University of Bath.


Education in action

25 February 2020 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Training and Accreditation in Early Years and Pre-School

By definition, early childhood education refers to the period of time, from when a child is born to age eight. Birth to age three are defined as the most critical time during which a child undergoes the most development. It is a time when children learn to develop their critical, social and emotional skills, while developing their motor capabilities.That type of cognitive and social development during a child’s early years, results in a strong foundation and willingness for a child to learn and flourish, while laying the groundwork for that base to continue developing through a child’s education. The early years have been proven to help shape a child’s life in terms of interacting with others, including peers, teachers and parents, and is an interesting time for children to begin developing interests that will stay with them throughout their lives.