Maria Vitoratos

Careers Educator & Coach, Dubai English Speaking College

Maria is someone who is always striving to empower individuals on both personal & professional platforms. She has contributed to the growth and success of individuals, adolescents, and teams since the early days of 2007. Her greatest strength is ‘moving things forward’ while demonstrating commitment to her own professional development, as well as the professional development of her team, her students, and her clients. Maria is presently leading both her independent social project, the #STRONG movement, which includes a YouTube channel & a podcast while also leading a dynamic Careers Coaching Program with high school students in the United Arab Emirates. Alongside these, Maria is supporting individuals around the world with their own personal & professional development. Through her work with teenagers and adults, Maria is significantly impacting the capacity to influence and manage change within the global community. She is passionate about securing the best outcomes for the individuals in her care and she is determined to energize and empower the individuals that she works with.


Leaders in Education Conference

15 November 2021 | 15:50 - 16:10 | English | Changing the Conversation for Career Education for the Youth

Careers education and guidance are marginalized in a system of education. Most of these curriculums are not current and do not prepare the youth for their future careers and their future responsibilities as world citizens. Those responsible for providing academic provisions with tight budgetary constraints, rarely buy-in to the value of employing a qualified practitioner who not only understands the business of education, but also understands the business of career readiness for the youth.  This talk discusses key points for headteachers and key stake-holders. Careers Education is THE most important service that prepares the youth for the realities of work, but also ensures that education institutions are supporting the preparation of our future world citizens and ensuring that they are being given quality guidance that helps them merge, understand and take advantage of the world of academia and their pathways towards future careers.