Marcus Orlovsky


Bryanston Square Foundation

Marcus Orlovsky works with disadvantaged students in the UK and beyond. By background he is a Chartered Accountant, whose professional journey took him through finance, Real Estate and on to technology companies. He founded and runs the award winning social enterprise Bryanston Square and also hosts TEDx and other conferences regularly and is asked to speak to varying audiences on education, entrepreneurship, technology and health.


Leadership stream

25 February 2020 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Really Engaging the Disengaged Students

The decision on whether to learn what is being taught is the student's. Just because something is taught, it does not mean that it is learned, and very often something entirely different is learned and retained. In this session Marcus will share what he has learned over the 7 years that he has been developing the most simple and obvious solution to this problem: motivating students to really learn - and so something with what they have learned. He's worked with students from the most challenging of backgrounds and in just four intense days - not all classroom based - almost all have gone on to achieve that their teachers have not thought possible. This will be a lively interactive session, interspersed with clips from the 2,000 diary rooms he's collected, and sharing the resources he's collected over the years.