Maram Hamarshe

Grade 3 teacher, Al Dhafra Private schools, Abu Dhabi.

I’m Maram Hamarshe. I was born in Abu Dhabi. I had my school studies in different schools in Abu Dhabi. Then, I graduated from the faculty of science in Al Yarmouk University in Jordan and got my teaching diploma from Al Ain university. I joined the teaching stream in year 2000 as an elementary teacher. Currently, I work in Al Dhafra Private schools in Abu Dhabi as a grade 3 class teacher. Also, I am involved in data analysis and LEGO club. I’ve completed lots of high educational courses, workshops and webinars about all teaching aspects and I was rewarded from many educational institutions such as Cambridge University.

Future Transformation Zone

15 November 2021 | 12:55 - 13:25 | How to use the distance learning experience to improve your face to face teaching methods

Based on our own successful experience of distance learning in Al Dhafra Private schools, I will discuss and share many ways to get the best benefits from such an amazing experience to be implemented and integrated in the daily face to face teaching experience. I will also mention all the required modifications needed to achieve the best blending for both experiences together. Additionally, I will enlighten the remarkable results such as enriching the teaching and learning process that for sure will lead to better education.