Liza Chong


The Index Project

Liza has been leading Index since 2018 and is responsible for the organisation’s vision,operations and strategic direction. She joined us in 2009 to pen the first official strategy and has supported in fundraising and partnership initiatives that have taken The Index Project overseas to the Nordics, Asia and the US. Most recently, Liza established our first global micro-VC fund to invest solely into the pipeline of The Index Award.Originally, from London, Liza has a blended background in strategy, project management and implementation. She previously worked on local government projects in London and the Greater Sub-Mekong region with the UN in Bangkok. Liza is an active advisor and mentor to individuals and organisations in the early stages of establishing their social businesses. She also sits on Ashoka Scandinavia’s Venture Board in Copenhagen and the Distributed Design Market Platform’s Advisory Board.


GESS Talks Arena

27 February 2020 | 11:20 - 11:40 | Design for Positive Impact - Our Future Depends on It!

Our future needs change-makers who can design solutions for an ever-evolving world. 
Changing the world by design requires narratives and role models to aspire to; tools and know-how to learn, test and build as well as risk takers who are willing to bring urgent solutions to life, for people and planet.
'Design to improve life' is not just a catchy motto but a needed call to action - equipping our future leaders to understand sustainability at all levels.

The Index Project is a non-profit organisation based in Denmark, working globally, acting as an international award, a knowledgeable sparring partner and untraditional angel investor, we are part award, part incubator, part enabler and part amplifier of the ideas that will shape our collective future.