Lisa Surjit

Student (Happiness Prefect)

New Indian Model School, Dubai

My name is Lisa Susan Surjit. I'm studying in 11th grade in New Indian Model School, Dubai. I have opted Commerce as my main subject with Entrepreneurship as my optional subject. My interests revolve in dance and mass media. I have also been fond of MUN, the Model United Nations, since my 9th. I'm from the southern part of India, to be specific Ernakulam, Kerala. I stay with my family consisting of 4 members including me in Dubai. I believe that life always has something for us and that we must be patient enough to know what life holds for us. My heartfelt gratitude to the GESS for bringing up such a platform for young minds to develop and grow in wisdom and knowledge and also to my school for encouraging me to take part in this phenomenal event! I hope that this event will help me extract fruitful knowledge that I can treasure for my future.


Education in action

26 February 2020 | 15:30 - 15:45 | Happiness and Wellbeing Pit stop

It’s all about Happiness and Well-being. In this generation that we live, many of us don't think about how happiness is an important aspect that contributes to our well-being. As a leader of happiness in my school, I would like to centralize that my country is also involved in this and that happiness is working for those in need. As a team, we will aim for our country's well-being! Through GESS, I would like to bring awareness on how important happiness and well-being is, by showing up all the projects my school has done. I believe that if these initiatives can be taken up by the whole country, then there is no doubt that we will reach our goal!