Lisa Davage

Assistant Head of Primary; Head of Early Years

The Arbor School
Lisa Davage, Assistant Head Teacher at The Arbor School Dubai, has over ten years of experience as an Early Years specialist. Lisa started her teaching journey in East Sussex, UK and then moved to the UAE, where she has worked in Government and international settings across the UAE. 
Lisa has successfully led an Early Years and Key Stage One department at a Talk for Writing Training Centre in England. Lisa takes inspiration from The Curiosity Approach, which has impacted how she facilitates learning in the classroom, particularly when creating meaningful and mindful spaces. Lisa values the importance of following the child's natural interests and then shaping the learning around their interests is influenced by the hygge philosophy to learning which is woven into the provision and experiences she provides for learners. Learner well-being, wellness and happiness are at the heart of everything Lisa does, united with a forward-thinking, integrated approach to learning combining STEAM and hands-on experiences that guide children's inquisition and critical thinking. Lisa has used her expertise to create high-quality, bespoke consultancy service/advisory to other settings within the UAE.

Wellbeing Space

17 November 2022 | 10:30 - 11:10 | English | Connecting UAE Schools and Early Childhood Centres to Nature: A Discussion

I would like to propose leading a panel discussion with educators from diverse settings which addresses the following questions:


- Introduction: an overview of how you are currently facilitating a connection to nature in your setting.

- What predictions do you have for COP28? How will this impact education?

- How has you setting overcome challenges to connecting your students to nature? What advice could you give to others?

- What strategies have you seen in other countries? How could the UAE continue to innovate in this area?