Linda Parsons

Innovation Lead, Al Futtaim Education Foundation

Linda is an award winning Innovation Lead and science teacher with a passion for developing meaningful online learning environments in school communities. Linda is now using the knowledge she has gathered from her PLN over the past 5 years to help colleagues in her school and beyond integrate technology in every subject to enrich their teaching and learning experiences. Linda currently works at the Al Futtaim Education Foundation, whose schools aim to harnesses the power of technology to equip their students with the skills needed to become the responsible global leaders of tomorrow.


Future Transformation Zone

14 November 2021 | 11:45 - 12:05 | English | Looking beyond the logos to teach digital resilience to our school communities

I bet in the last two years, you proved to yourself that you are a lot more digitally flexible than you realized. With your new found bendiness, I am sure you have noticed that there are certain skills that you have honed to ease your workflow and communication that are essential for your students to learn too, regardless of their device or software preference. So, break down the barriers between software and hardware providers! This talk will cover 4 skills that are essential to explicitly put into your teaching (and daily life), so that your students can develop their digital resilience and learn how to transfer skills that are essential for their study success, and beyond.