Lawrie Day


Cognitas Global Ltd
Lawrie Day, the founder and CEO of Cognitas Global. After retiring from a career public service in 2010 he has managed the delivery of projects in 60+ countries and has personally delivered learning in 36 countries in his capacity as the founder and CEO of AML Consulting Global Ltd. He is an Enterprise Advisor for two schools in the United Kingdom and a strong advocate of supporting young people from full time education into the workplace. Education is prevalent in his family, as his daughter is a primary school teacher.
As a member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management he has taken his experience of designing and delivering accredited training internationally for many years as a Subject Matter Expert into the education sector working with stakeholders to enhance crisis management preparedness and business resilience.

Growth Mindset

16 November 2022 | 15:30 - 15:50 | English | Developing effective crisis management capability in schools and colleges - a case study

An increase in emerging threats such as pandemic, terrorism, cyber-attacks has placed even greater importance on educational establishments ensuring that the necessary frameworks and risk protocols are in place to ensure the protection and maintain the welfare of the learners and workforce. The Dubai English Speaking School and College (DESSC) decided in June 2022 to review their current protocols and where necessary enhance them to align to the current threat landscape. Working with Cognitas Global as part of a social responsibility project, they jointly commenced the review of the existing Risk Register and Crisis Management Plan (CMP) to develop an enhanced capability, by ensuring that a prevention, preparation, response and recovery model (PPPR) was embedded in their plan and that a program of exercising, testing and validation could be efficiently executed by leveraging the use of suitable technology including a mobile phone APP and an experiential learning platform.