Kuldeep Surolia

Managing Trustee and Director

Sorsfort International School

Academician, author, anchor, speaker and visionary with several decades of experience in teaching students from across the globe. Today “Sir Kuldeep Surolia” is one of the most sought educationists in India and across the world. He is an MBA graduate, Harvard executive alumni, has worked with top corporates across the world like London, Dubai, Boston, Athens etc and has been in education with more than a decade-plus. Several inspiring and scientific books like “In Search of Adiguru”, “Schools of Tomorrow”, “Super Brain Yoga” etc has been written by him and some of these books have hit amazon “international bestseller list”. He has been interviewed several times in electronic media spamming various topics in the education industry. He has been invited as distinguished keynote speaker at various seminars, conferences across the world specifically for his thoughts on “Schools of Tomorrow” and has been the recipient of various prestigious awards like Konark, Zee, Education Excellence, Eminent Educationist etc to name a few. Articles written by him on the education sector has got featured in leading print publications. He is a ‘Teacher’ by heart, has built many intellectual academic content and is the founding trustee of Sorsfort International School, a unique school built on the principles of “Schola Cras” To know more about him, please visit his work at www.KuldeepSurolia.com


Leadership stream

25 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Schools of Tomorrow

Schools of tomorrow is a quick guide on the challenges faced by educators and teachers across the world in training students for Values. The presentation addresses the value of value education in future schools across the world and debates the topic of "Can Values be taught?". Schools of tomorrow is the topic which is non-technological in nature and provides solutions to the problem of the challenges of students carrying Guns in USA or drugs problem in Japan or safety issues in India. The talk will lay the foundation of discovering some tricks from one of the world oldest education system that is India.