Kim Edwards

Senior Education Consultant

SEQTA Software

Kim Edwards has over 30 years experience as a teacher educator, instructional leader, classroom practitioner, IB co-ordinator and Deputy Head of School. She is a highly experienced IB workshop facilitator and Lead Educator delivering a range of workshops and leadership trainings for the International Baccalaureate. She currently works as Senior Education Consultant for SEQTA Software delivering customised workshops for schools. Kim is also a Concept-based teaching and learning trainer and Visible Learning Plus Consultant.


Education in action

25 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Individualised Learning

Differentiating the teaching and learning process is often a significant challenge for teachers. Many schools include differentiation as part of their strategic goals. So how can schools manage this challenge and facilitate the process? This session will explore an online tool that supports teachers to individualise student learning to meet specific learning needs. It uses a Flipped Learning approach allowing teachers to guide students as they apply concepts and engage in content. Teachers can track individual student progress from their marks book, provide feedback and respond to student questions. Individual learning is visible, allowing teachers to see where each student is in real time. This online tool truly empowers students to take responsibility for their learning and could transform the way you differentiate your teaching.