Khulud Alyami

Teacher of Special Education

Elementary School in Mubarraz, Al-Ahssa

Master in Special Education Intellectual Disability Path Researcher and Special Education Teacher Intellectual Disability Pathway - Ministry of Education Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Participated in many conferences, training courses and workshops. - Video design that mimics the Kingdom's Vision 2030 for people with disabilities (the first of its kind) 2017 - Research in the Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation (Cerro) in Egypt.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

27 February 2020 | 14:30 - 15:00 | The Effectiveness of the Program is Accredited to Virtual Classes to Improve the Attitudes of Mothers of Female Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

The present study dealt with the effectiveness of a program (instructional training instruction) based on the virtual classes to improve the attitudes of mothers of students with special needs in the third grade of primary school in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, towards the virtual classes and to achieve the goal of the study was selected a sample of (10) mothers with girls diagnosed A measure of mothers' attitudes towards virtual classrooms was made up of (34) items. The system of virtual classes was applied by mothers for two months. A preprogram measurement and a post-program measurement were shown. The presence of statistically significant differences in the same group after application and for the benefit of telemetry, which indicates the improvement of mothers' attitudes towards the virtual classes.