Katie Brill

VP PR & Communications, Junk Kouture

Katie Brill - former contestant and winner of Junk Kouture with her design made from orange peel ‘ReJuicing is Appealing’ in 2012 and now part of the JK team a VP of Communications. The experience was life-changing for her and helped her build confidence, problem-solving skills and knowledge of circularity. She is now committed to expand the mission of Junk Kouture and inspire/ empower more young creatives.

Global Learning

15 November 2021 | 11:05 - 11:25 | English | Junk Kouture - Sustainability for the Next Generation!

Junk Kouture has been involved in the youth entertainment business for over a decade in Ireland and the UK and has developed into the worlds largest youth sustainability event having launched in 5 new localities in 2021: the UAE, New York, London, France and Italy. Harnessing the power of youth activism and education, Junk Kouture is a free to enter, year-round creative programme for secondary schools, that challenges students aged 13-18 to create couture fashion from 100% recycled materials, before ultimately showcasing their creations to a global audience. Junk Kouture believes that youth activism and education are both essential elements of the global response to climate change and when hand-in-hand, can result in profound and lasting impact. Katie Brill, past contestant, winner and now VP of Communications at Junk Kouture will discuss the pillars of the Junk Kouture programme, her personal experience with the initiative and how schools can register to take part.