Kathryn King

Assistant Principal – Wellbeing and Belonging

GEMS Founders School

I have been at GFS since 2017 and have a passion for leading on Wellbeing and Belonging. During my time at GFS, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the amazing team here. I am originally from the North West of England but trained and taught in Devon before moving to Dubai in 2013. As an educator, I have always been dedicated to providing exciting learning experiences for children which actively engage their curiosity and help them to become independent, lifelong learners. We teach children to have fun and take risks because it is through failure that we learn the most.


Wellbeing Space

16 November 2022 | 11:00 - 11:40 | English | Well-being or Super-being?

Why, what and how should we support school leaders?

In this session, chaired by Dr Helen Wright, the panellists will consider how school leaders can best be supported to do their most amazing work. Areas covered will include:

·       What does a school leader actually do, and why do they need to be supported?

·       The power of personal and professional coaching for leaders

·       The future of school leadership