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Kari Väisänen


Kari Väisänen is the CEO of EduTAT and TAT. TAT has a long history in bringing together young people and business life. Väisänen has had a longstanding career in the field of media and communications. He has worked as Editor-in-chief and Publisher in several Finnish media outlets. He also has experience in several management positions internationally. From the early stages of his career at TAT, he has been instrumental in developing the award-winning Me & MyCity -concept that teaches young people working-life, economy, society and entrepreneurship. The concept was developed in Finland around 10 years ago. Me & MyCity is a success story in Finland and nearly 75% of 6th graders in Finland attend the learning module. EduTAT’s team has now started to export learning solutions developed at TAT – such as Me & MyCity, Me & MyGlobe and Me &MyBusiness. The Chinese version of Me & MyCity will be opening in Beijing this spring. Väisänen's passion is to work closely with young people. Last year he visited around 30 schools all over Finland meeting with young people and discussing the importance of education in fulfilling their dreams. EduTAT’s goal is clear: We offer young people unique educational solutions which help them gain important working-life skills, including knowledge of economy, society and entrepreneurship.



Innovation Stage

28 February 2019 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | How to teach working-life, economy and entrepreneurship to youth?

In the future working-life, the importance of soft skills will be emphasized. People start to work more in diverse teams and need to solve problems creatively. Soft skills cannot be learned in one-time practice and that is why they cannot be taught only at schools. We need out-of-school learning environments for achieving more holistic learning outcomes. It is hard to get the students motivated to learn complex phenomena. For instance, economy can feel complicated and distant to young people. Therefore, it is important to approach these themes from students’ point of view and connect economy to young peoples’ world. This talk introduces you to the concept of Me & MyCity that has gained a strong position as a promotor of working-life skills, economic literacy, society and entrepreneurship in Finland. Me & MyCity -learning concept teaches these topics in real-life context and involves companies and local businesses in the learning experience.