Kam Chohan

Executive Director, ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools)

Kam Chohan joined ECIS in February 2018 as Chief Operating Officer and became Executive Director in August 2020. With an impressive background in education and leadership, Kam is a learning leader and brings insight, wisdom, and compassion to the role. She has demonstrated the ability to build meaningful, lasting relationships that contribute to personal and organisational development and improvement. Kam is a passionate educator and enjoyed lecturing in mathematics and business. She holds qualifications and experience in Leadership and Professional Development. As an example of her commitment to student learning, Kam worked with the UK Government’s Behaviour Insights Team to apply the Nudge Theory to improve student outcomes on a national level. As Chief Operating Officer for ECIS, Kam demonstrated, high aptitude for financial reporting, forecasting, analytical ability, scenario analysis, and financial implications of business and educational models. Kam is committed to social justice and equity through diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding in international education.



Skills Development Training

16 November 2021 | 13:30 - 14:15 | English | The Future Leader

I have and will always believe in a life of service, I am a Sikh by heritage, and this is part of my DNA, I believe a rich life consists fundamentality of service to others, and what a better way than education. I help young people with CV’s interview skills, I believe in social justice and equal opportunities for everyone. For me the pandemic has highlighted a need for leadership that is founded in empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and awareness, as well at the required grit, determination. People including our staff and students have suffered the biggest trauma of a generation, losing loved ones not having normal freedoms and to quieten this trauma we need to consider future capabilities carefully.