Jeremy Williams

Head of School

Manor Hall Intl School

Mr. Jeremy Williams is an accomplished senior leader currently serving as the Head of School at Manor Hall International School in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Additionally, he is the host of DisruptED TV presents Dismissed. Jeremy is deeply passionate about leadership, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and connecting students and staff to their purpose and passion. Currently completing his doctoral dissertation, Jeremy is researching the impact of transformational leadership on the organizational commitment of the teachers in high poverty United States charter schools.
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Future Learning

25 February 2020 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Financial Literacy: The Missing Curriculum"

In the age of attainment and progress driving school inspection results, what "other" content deserves consideration and a place in our schools? In partnering with ChooseFI, a top-rated financial independence podcast on ITunes, Manor Hall International School has begun utilizing a K-12 curriculum for financial literacy. This helps us move the conversation away from salary and toward doing something students are deeply passionate about.