Jaya Bhavnani

Executive Director

Ms. Jaya Bhavnani is currently the Executive Director of Dwight Global Online School and the Middle Years Programme Coordinator at Dwight School Dubai. Instrumental in founding the program, she works closely with all areas of Dwight School to ensure that Dwight's online program meets the standards of excellence for which the school is known and ignites the spark of genius in every online student.
Ms. Bhavnani came to Dwight in 2010 with extensive experience in international education in public and private schools in Bombay, Muscat, Dubai and Santiago. Ms. Bhavnani has been actively involved with the International Baccalaureate as a Workshop Leader, Site Evaluator, Consultant, Examiner and Curriculum Reviewer. She is the Lead Facilitator for the Group 5 and Continuum Online Workshops in the Diploma Programme. She serves on the Evaluation Team for the CIS (Council for International Schools). She has served as a frequent guest contributor for professional development and curriculum alignment and review. She holds a BS in Education and Physics and a MS in Mathematics. She has an interest for learning languages and internationalism. A passionate educator, Ms. Bhavnani firmly believes in the power of life-long learning!


Leadership stream

28 February 2019 | 11:00 - 11:30 | English | Nurturing Student Entrepreneurship

Preparing students for a future where jobs have to be created by the emerging generation is an endeavor that requires schools of today to think outside the box and to deliver opportunities for students to nurture entrepreneurial, innovation and leadership skills beyond the classroom.