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Janne & Tuomas Hiedanniemi, Kari Saarilahti

CEO, Head of Education, Head of Pedagogy

INTO SCHOOL – GESS Education Awards 2019 Finalist of “Best Product to Promote Arts, Music and Drama in the Classroom” – is a unique and internationally acknowledged Finnish approach with the goal of having technology-supported creative music and arts production as a natural part of education globally. INTO SCHOOL is developed by an award-winning composer & producer team made up by three Finnish experts in music and teaching. The INTO SCHOOL concept has already been widely and successfully tested and applied in Finland and Europe, and is supported by The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The concept was also granted funding from European Commission with a budget of 840 000 EUR, aiming to spread the model to European markets during 2018-2020. We realised that INTO SCHOOL was too good to keep to ourselves in Finland and Europe. And so here we are, sharing it with the rest of the world.



Innovation Stage

28 February 2019 | 13:00 - 13:30 | English | Technology Enhancing Creativity & Passion-based Learning

Music and arts are languages that everyone understand but few people can speak. Creativity and the ability to develop collaborational relationships are the most important skills for our future workforce. With the rise of digitalisation and rapidly evolving technologies education is facing new requirements in terms of quality and content that challenge existing pedagogical practices – teachers are often shy or even scared to use technology. These challenges can be reversed and perceived as opportunities which pave the way for alternative approaches to creative STEAM learning in the classroom. Technology is built on humanity, and by utilising appropriate technology, children from all backgrounds are given the equal opportunity to participate in creative processes. We at INTO SCHOOL believe that creativity should not be perceived as an exceptional talent. Therefore, our number one goal is to unlock creativity in everyone, everywhere.