Janet Larsen Roberts

English Content Writer

Janet Larsen Roberts is a reformed teacher-talk junkie and confesses that training courses sparked her transformation. As a result, she is passionate about helping teachers restructure classroom interactions so that they talk less and students talk more. She also trains businesses and school leaders about how to improve their meetings with decision-making strategies, relationship-building strategies, and strategies which increase the engagement of employees. Janet currently works with Alef Education in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University (USA) in English, a Minor in Communication and Theatre, and a specialty in Secondary Education. She is a Certified Teacher Trainer and has served thousands of students and teachers for 30 years in the US, Jordan, Kuwait, and the UAE. 


Future Leaders

27 February 2019 | 14:30 - 15:30 | English | "Teacher, I’m Bored!” How Schools Are Revolutionizing Teaching for Active Engagement

School leaders and teachers will be introduced to Alef Education's technology-enabled learning experiences. Participants will see how Alef Education is transforming the way that educators prepare students for the 21st Century workplace. The Alef platform provides highly immersive, engaging content for students and immediate, comprehensive data about student learning for teachers and school leaders. Some of the challenges and successes of digital education will be explored as attendees stand up, move around, and interact.