Jamie Ball

Regional Education Manager

Jamie has been involved in supporting students’ with diverse learning needs since joining the Texthelp team. After completing his degree Jamie spent time teaching English to speakers of other languages at the University of Ulster. Jamie moved on to work for Ulster Rugby developing students’ ability and knowledge of the game in Northern Ireland and remains an avid rugby player today. He is currently employed by Texthelp to support innovation and implementation of their range of leading assistive and language learning software in Africa and the Middle East. These solutions include the award-winning Read&Write family of literacy products. He remains passionate about teaching ESOL and the use of Educational Technology in the classroom to create an inclusive environment.


Innovation Stage

28 February 2019 | 11:00 - 11:30 | English | Using Technology to Build Inclusion in a Diverse Classroom

Let’s redefine inclusion and examine it in the context of today’s classrooms. Let’s not see special education needs as something that requires a different, perhaps parallel approach. Instead, lets create a learning environment that supports the needs of individuals, that scaffolds the diverse ways every pupil learns, and let’s celebrate, stretch and challenge our highest achievers. In this session, we’ll be exploring how technology can provide the tools, and enable the strategies, that support this ‘neuro diverse’ classroom. Using practical examples from schools around the globe, we’ll create and present a toolkit for learning. A set of tools, working across all platforms that can be personalised by pupils to support individual needs. In doing so, we’ll examine the positive educational outcomes achievable by encouraging our learners to take charge, be reflective and manage their own learning journey.