Izabela Milewska

Global Digital Skills Leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Izabela Milewska works as Global Digital Skills Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification. She leads AWS collaboration with government stakeholders in the area of digital skills strategy, reskilling, upskilling and education modernization. Izabela serves as a Chair of Digital Skills Working Group at DIGITALEUROPE since 2018. Her professional experience includes roles in education programs management, public sector marketing and EU funds consultancy. Before joining Amazon, she has worked at Microsoft, ministries in Poland (2004-2008): Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of State Treasury. LinkedIn; Twitter: @IzaMilewska

Global Learning

16 November 2021 | 13:25 - 13:45 | English | Investing in diverse cloud talent to accelerate digital transformation

Investing in diverse cloud talent to accelerate digital transformation.