Irina Solonova

Founder & CEO

Irina Solonova has 15 years experience in investment and financial sphere and 7 years experience in the internationalization business. Irina Solonova has been participating in various educational projects since 2011 while running Russian activities for the Future Learning Finland project (a special project initiated by the Finnish Trade Organization Finpro which aim was to support Finnish SME and bigger EDU organizations in their internationalization efforts). In 2014 Irina founded the company Ruspro Education (an internationalization consulting company for Educational organizations) who works with Russian Educational organizations/service providers and foreign companies entering the Russian market. Irina is an initiator and director of the project "Educational Marathon: Finland, Russia and Kazakhstan for 2018-2019" which includes numerous B2B networking events/business missions including annual "Finnish-Russian Educational Forum ".


Innovation Stage

27 February 2019 | 14:10 - 14:30 | English | Changing the Face of Education in Russian-Speaking Countries: Key Trends and Challenges

During the presentation, Irina will reveal the current situation on the educational markets in Russian-speaking countries, main challenges and trends. Irina will focus on the needs of the educational system and the opportunities for international edu producers on the Russian market.