Hugh Robinson

Business Teacher, Al Qeyam Boys' School

I am an experienced lecturer with a background in Business Administration. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and I have been working in the education industry for the past 25 years. I have trained, mentored and coached teachers for more than eight years. Additionally, I lectured at City University in London for seven years. I have delivered motivational speeches to students, and my tutees have voted me the most inspirational and motivational teacher on multiple occasions. The many nominations I have received for the Pearson Teaching Award is a testimony to my ability to deliver at an acceptable standard. I am a qualified teacher with a MA in Effective Learning from UCL Institute of Education and a BBA in Management from the Univesity of Technology, Jamaica. I am theatrical, dynamic, humorous and motivating.


Wellbeing Space

15 November 2021 | 16:25 - 16:45 | English | What are the consequences of us not making our children feel loved, respected, and valued? How do we make our children feel unreservedly loved, eternally valued, and genuinely respected?

Some students have the knack for painting stunning pictures of their peers, parents, guardians, and teachers. They have a unique way of expressing their gratitude or disapproval. A student once referred to her teacher as amazing and added that he spoke to them like human beings. The utterance resonated with me. Why don't we consistently talk to each other, particularly our children, respectfully and like human beings? I will explore the consequences of not engaging with children appropriately and highlight approaches we could adopt to ensure our children feel eternally valued, genuinely respected, and unreservedly loved.