Huda Alshamsi

Programme Coordinator for Arabic and Emirati Studies

Higher Colleges of Technology

Huda Abdulla Rahma Alshamsi. Nationality: UAE Work: Higher Colleges of Technology in Ras Al Khaimah \ program Coordinator of the Department of Arabic and Emirati Studies. Characteristics: Ambitious and flexible with working conditions to achieve the goals.Academic Qualifications: Bachelor in Mathematics – in 2003 from UAEU. Cambridge Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. From the British University of Cambridge 2008. - Certificate in 21st Century Teacher from the British Broen Institution for Teacher Training 2010. - Master of Applied Sociology "Comprehensive Track" 2013 University of Sharjah. - Consultant in the field of quality in education from the Canadian Institute. - Certificate in English language ILETS. - - Compositions:- -Book: Whispers teacher milestone first edition 2012. - Book: Student in the leadership program - under process. Awards: - - -The best projects participating in Exhibition Elite Elite 2007. - Ras Al Khaimah Award for Creativity Distinguished Teacher. -The first teacher won the Khalifa Award for Digital Teacher 2010. -Best School Experiences 2010. -Shaikha Shamsa bint Suhail Award for creative in its first session 2011 for women. 


Education in action

27 February 2020 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Blended Learning for Emirati Students

Blended learning is a formal learning program that combines classroom learning with a teacher and online learning. In this program, the student receives the science partly online as well as in class with the teacher. In this way, the student controls the learning time, place, path and pace of progress more than traditional learning programs. Advocates of this approach have two advantages that activate learning: the ability to collect data on student learning and to customize instructional materials and exams to suit students' learning styles.