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H.E. Dr. Saud bin Saeed Bin Abdulaziz Almthami

Secretary General

H.E. Dr. Saud bin Saeed Bin Abdulaziz Almthami, the Secretary General at King AbdulAziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, a former Saudi Minister of State and a member of the Shura Council. He obtained his Bachelor degree in mathematics from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, and a Master's degree in computer science from the University of Florida, United States 1987, and PhD in computer science from the University of London Britain 1991.

GESS Talks Arena

25 February 2020 | 11:20 - 11:40 | Innovation Trilogy: Flexibility, Passion, and grit

Innovation" aims to search for new, applicable, knowledge that can be used to deliver economic, social, and human value. On this basis, "Innovation" in the Knowledge era has become the most important means of giving and contributing to sustainable development. This paper shades the light on the importance of building a culture of "innovation" in the minds of young people, as they are the hope for pioneer leaders who will build a promising future. The paper emphasizes three main innovation “attributes”. The first is “mental flexibility” that stimulates thinking and looking at life aspects from different perspectives. The second attribute is “passion”, which brings enthusiasm to work on desired topics and encourages achievements. The third attribute is "grit" to work, absorb errors in the context of trial and error, avoid frustration that may result from them, and continue to work tirelessly towards achieving the desired level of success. By presenting this paper, Mawhiba seeks to confirm this trilogy and highlight its role in creating innovative minds that will contribute to economy development.