H.E. Birgit Lao

Ambassador-at-large for education Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

Brigit's main task is to: raise awareness about Estonian education services and solutions; build partnerships on governmental level, also with school owners and support EdTech and educational companies to scale outside Estonia. I am the main coordinator of EXPO 2021 Dubai Estonian education events and build new partnerships with multilateral organisations.


GESS Talks Arena

14 November 2021 | 10:45 - 11:00 | English | Wellbeing in times of hybrid learning

COVID-19 times on learning and teaching has left us with many advantages, but also with many caps. As classroom-based learning, also hybrid learning does not fit for all. Teachers lack skills and tools, pupils lack devices and ability to self-direct own learning, but most of all, schools lack knowledge of managing hybrid learning. Those were one of the results of several researchers Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia commissioned for having feedback from disrupted years at schools. I my presentation, I will look into the results of the research done and also to solutions what technology could offer for enhancing wellbeing.