Hatem Radwan

High School Teacher

A High school Science Teacher and a Subject Leader with 10 years of experience in teaching and learning different curricula and implementing differentiation and technology across high school level. I have a bachelor degree in Biology and a Teaching Diploma, and I still have 5 course until I get my MBA degree. Throughout these 10 years, I have learned that evolution is the key of surviving and I believe that we are living an unstable world where every day there are new approaches and changes happening. Based on that, I found my own way in evolving as an educator, and reached a point where I can understand the needs of the twenty first century and educators must be. I am an Edmodo Ambassador and I have participated in Edmodocon 2018, and I have conducted many workshops in my district about how to implement technology effectively in education and how to address differentiation and meet the needs of all the students. At the same time, I have an interest in studying the psychology of the students because i believe that education is more successful when we are able to reach the students. I am an EMUN supervisor who monitor students in their visits to UN and direct their work, and I worked as a SAT supervisor to direct students in their SAT exams. Currently I am working at AL Ittihad Private School - Dubai, beside being a High school science teacher, I help teachers implement technology in their classrooms and work in curriculum design.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 14:30 - 15:00 | English | Effective Learning in the Digital Age - Edmodo

The presentation discusses the evolution of education technology and how it has, and has not, impacted learning. I will talk about the challenges that educators might face in using technology and what solutions exist to address all elements of teaching and learning, including instructional strategies, differentiation, assessment, evaluation, reflection, and parents’ engagement. Sharing resources, real life examples, and best practices on how technology is implemented in learning, this presentation will help educators transform their classrooms into active student-centered classrooms that address high level thinking skills regardless of the resources they have.