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My name is Hana, I am an UAE born and brought-up Indian entrepreneur girl. I created and published my Apple iOS application at the age of eight (8). I got introduced to coding by the age of 5, and It seems I am the youngest girl in the world to achieve this. The Apple CEO wrote an appreciation email to me for the achievement. Please have a google search for 'Young Apple ios developer Hana' I would like to give a speech on GESS UAE as a model for the young coding and education community. My speech is about how to make the world aware that coding is not that impossible, instead it is an essential subject to include in early stages of child education, the same priority as human communication language. I am gaining knowledge in a different mode of education set by my father who is doing research and developments in the future education segment. I can talk about how it works and to what extent it will help to elevate the traditional school education system to improve and address future generations' needs. My iOS app named 'Hanas' available in both iPhone and iPad, please review by below appstore address, https://apps.apple.com/app/hanas/id1639497207


Education Innovations

17 November 2022 | 13:30 - 13:50 | English | Future of Education

School education is not only an important facet in our life to mold the future but to direct the world itself because the world belongs to our young generations hand. We offer a mode of education called 'Adhyapp' to deliver tomorrow's education today to assure that the children's are future ready. We are responsible for the knowledge transfer that we gained so far to the next generation. Limiting that process of this knowledge transfer in a way, and insisting the young logical brains to memorize the portion of chapters against the model exams will only end up with progress in scorecards instead of the factual knowledge gaining process. We focus on teaching 'how to learn instead of 'what to learn. We connect children's brains to teachers' with the help of logical neural mediator links to build solid individualistic attention and relationship to sense the thought process of our young brains.